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The tasks presented on the platform are original educational materials that have not been published elsewhere.

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Online chat

Need help? Take advantage of the opportunity to talk live with a JAGO consultant. We will be happy to answer all of your questions!


You will never be alone while learning - we will assist you by suggesting directions for further work. You will also receive tasks checked by teachers along with tips made just for you!

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?Peter Preston 0.00 / 5.00
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All recordings on the platform come from native speakers of English, including from the USA, Canada, England, Scotland, and Ireland. In comfortable settings and at your own pace, get acquainted with accents from around the world! Experienced educators with many years of teaching experience were involved in creating the tasks. You can be sure that you are in good hands and get to know lively, natural language as spoken by native speakers of English!


Book your class online

Book your class online

Book a convenient date and start learning with a teacher that you've picked yourself - quickly and with no problems!

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Interactive tasks

Solve different types of interactive tasks in order to run many areas of mental activity supporting your learning.

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Audio tasks

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Video tasks

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Language crosswords

Language crosswords

An additional portion of vocabulary and great mind training. This unique combination is available to you at any time, when you want it! Crosswords are divided thematically, so expand your financial vocabulary or become a sport expert today!

Track your learning progress!

Track your learning progress!

We save your individual results and achievements. You have access to them throughout the duration of your courses. You can also go back to the already covered material at any time - it's all at your fingertips! Based on your achievements, we also suggest directions for further work so that the time of learning on the platform will work effectively for you!

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Rules and regulations


The Regulations were last updated on 8th October, 2018.

§ 1 General information

  1. These regulations specify the rules on the basis of which JAGO Ośrodek Nauczania Języków Obcych Sp. z o.o. (JAGO Foreign Language Teaching Center Ltd.) provides its services electronically. 

  2. The current version of the Regulations is available on The user can download these Regulations free of charge in the form of a PDF file and store them on their device.

  3. The owner of the Platform available at the address is:

JAGO Ośrodek Nauczania Języków Obcych Sp. z o.o.
ul. Bohaterów Westerplatte 11
65-034 Zielona Góra
NIP: 9730940499
REGON: 08028655700000
National Court Register No. (Pol.: KRS): 0000313717
share capital: 50 000.00 PLN

§ 2 Definitions

Terms used in these Rules and Regulations mean:

a)   Administrator - JAGO Ośrodek Nauczania Języków Obcych Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Zielona Góra (65-034) at ul. Bohaterów Westerplatte 11, the owner of the Platform,
b)   Blueberries- points accumulated in My Wallet available on the User's Account, which the User exchanges for access to selected Educational Materials,
c)   Consumer - a User who is a natural person who acquires access to the Educational Materials on the Platform for the purposes not directly related to their business or professional activity,
d)   Account - an individual account established by the User on the Platform, enabling the use of services provided by the Administrator, including access to the Educational Materials,
e)   Educational materials -chargedservice provided via the Platform by the Administrator in the form of an e-learning course of a foreign language consisting of any language tasks or language courses as selected by the User,
f)    My Wallet - a Platform function that allows to make payments for access to the Educational Materials and manage Blueberries collected on the User's Account,
g)   Blueberries package - the fee for access to the Educational Materials on the Platform, the current price of Blueberries Packages and information about promotions are available in the Price List.
h)   Rules and Regulations - the contents of this document regulating the rules on which the Administrator provides services electronically on the Platform,
i)    Service - the portal for learning foreign languages ​​using the e-learning method, on which the Administrator provides Education Materials, available at,
j)    User - a natural person who created an Account on the Platform, thereby accepting the provisions of the Rules and Regulations, both the Consumer and the entrepreneur,
k)   Active User - the User who after having opened an Account has purchased access to Educational Materials and has at least one Blueberries in their Account.

§ 3 Technical requirements

  1. For the proper functioning of the Platform it is necessary to have a computer with Windows 7 OS or newer Internet Explorer / Google Chrome / Firefox web browser in the latest version and a stable internet connection with a bandwidth above 10 mbit / s.

  2. For the proper functioning of the Platform it is necessary to activate cookies in the browser.

  3. The Platform is intended to be used on a computer. The administrator is not responsible for the lack of proper functioning of the Platform on other configurations than those indicated above, including on portable devices such as tablets or phones.

  4. To use all the functions of the Platform it is necessary to have, depending on the selected type of language task:
    a)   a sound card,
    b)   headphones or speakers,
    c)   a microphone. 

  5. The use of the Platform does not require the installation of additional software.

§ 4 User's account

  1. The use of services available on the Platform is possible after the creation of an individual User Account using the registration form available at https: //

  2. To set up an Account, the User must read these Rules and Regulations and Privacy Policy and accept their contents. The text of both the documents is available at

  3. Creating an Account is free of charge, however, it only allows access to basic Platform services, in particular, to get familiarized with the offer of the Educational Materials. The use of most services is available only to Active Users. In order to obtain the Active User status:

    a)   after registering the Account, make a purchase of any Blueberries package,
    b)   when using the Platform, have at least one Blueberry at the User Account.

  4. Each User may have only one Account. It is forbidden to use accounts belonging to other Users.

  5. It is forbidden to create Accounts with fictitious personal data or data other than those of Users.

  6. Access to the Account is possible through:

    a)   providing login (User's e-mail address) and password chosen by the User when registering the Account,
    b)   logging in using the user's account on Facebook,
    c)   logging in using the user's account on Google.

  7. The User undertakes not to disclose the access data (password and login) to the Account to third parties. The Administrator is not liable if access data to the Account is made available to third parties.

  8. Platform Users can only be natural persons with full legal capacity or limited capacity provided they obtained written consent from their statutory representative/guardian.

§ 5 Services provided

  1. The Platform is an e-learning platform for foreign language learning based on modern teaching methods.

  2. The services provided via the Platform are services provided electronically within the meaning of the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of electronic services and implemented in accordance with the law.

  3. As part of the Platform, the Administrator provides the following free services available to Users and Active Users:

    a)   maintaining a User's Account that allows browsing the contents available on the Platform, using paid Educational Materials available on the Platform, paying fees for access to paid Educational Materials and obtaining information about the operation of the Platform and the services offered therein,
    b)   administering a placement test assessing the knowledge of a foreign language of newly registered Users with the use of tasks verifying the reading skills, listening, vocabulary  and grammar,
    c)   sending periodic newsletter to the e-mail address of the Users who signed for it (service provided after obtaining explicit consent of the User),
    d)   supporting the contact form and chat window, used for communication with the Administrator.

  4. As part of the Platform, the Administrator provides the following free services available to Active Users:

    a)   preparing a set of a total of 15 language tasks in reading, listening, vocabulary, grammar, speaking and writing, individually tailored on the basis of the results obtained by the User in the placement test
    b)   providing the virtual dictionary enabling fast translation of words and phrases, along with the possibility of listening to the pronunciation of words,
    c)   maintaining the TOP 10 ranking in the form enhancing competition and the ranking list of Platform Users who have gained the most experience points from all Users in a given month encouraging to learn (service for Users who have expressed their willingness to participate in the ranking),
    d)   providing a challenge option enabling competition between Users in solving language tasks available on the Platform,
    e)   providing the lexical and grammatical tutorial, in the form of suggested lists of vocabulary and articles describing the functioning and basic principles accompanying individual languages,
    f)    providing the message and messenger boards enabling interaction between Platform Users.

  5. As part of the Platform, the Administrator provides Users with the Educational Materials in the form of:

    a)   interactive language tasks, divided into individual levels of difficulty (C2-A0), categories and types, including:
  • listening -listening to prepared materials in order to answer the test questions,
  • writing creating longer texts on a given topic, which are then checked and assessed by qualified teachers,
  • reading - solving tasks aimed at improving reading of texts with general understanding and searching for specific information in them,
  • speaking - creating longer utterances on a given topic, which are then checked and assessed by qualified teachers,
  • grammar- solving tasks aimed at checking and improving the user's knowledge of particular grammar rules of the selected language,
  • vocabulary - solving tasks, aimed at checking not only knowledge of individual words and phrases, but also the ability to use them in sentences,

    b)   ready-made courses in the form of organized language units including a comprehensive amount of material, preparing for taking exams for language certificates, consisting of:
  • the theoretical part in which the User is familiarised with the new material,
  • the practical part, in which the User solves the tasks preparing for the test,
  • the testing part in which the User verifies the mastery of the new material.

    The completion of all the units at a given level of advancement from the Courses section leads to the issue of an individual Certificate of Completion of a given language level for those Users who have obtained a positive result from all the units prepared at a given level of proficiency.

6. It is the User who decides whether they will use the language courses prepared by the Administrator as part of the purchased access to the Educational Materials, or whether they will independently compile a course from among the tasks available on the Platform.

7. Educational Materials are made available to Users within the Platform under direct access (online). The User may solve the ordered language tasks once. In the event of purchasing a language course, the User has the option of using the materials contained in the theoretical part of the unit and solving unit exercise tasks many times, until they start doing the test. The test completing a language unit of the given course can only be solved once.

8. The Administrator reserves the right to make some Paid Educational Materials available on the Platform for free, for the purposes of demonstration and promotion. Such Educational Materials will be clearly marked by the Administrator.

9. The Administrator offers Educational Materials on the Platform prepared by qualified teaching staff and native speakers to facilitate independent language learning. The Administrator does not guarantee, however, that using the Platform shall guarantee mastering a foreign language at a particular level - it depends on the personal predispositions of each User, their commitment, regularity and intensity of learning.

§ 6Newsletter

  1. Users interested in regularly receiving information about the promotions and new products on the Platform can subscribe to the Administrator's newsletter.

  2. The use of the newsletter service is possible after obtaining the User's consent through:

    a)   providing their current e-mail address in the dedicated place on the Platform,
    b)   selecting the appropriate field in the Account registration process,
    c)   selecting the appropriate option in the User's Account settings.

  3. A User who is under 16 years of age should get the consent of the statutory representative/guardian to use the newsletter service.

 § 7 Protection of personal data

  1. The Administrator of Users' personal data is JAGO Ośrodek Nauczania Języków Obcych Sp. z o.o. with registered office in Zielona Góra at ul. Bohaterów Westerplatte 11. The detailed rules regarding the processing of Users' personal data by the Administrator and the applied personal data protection measures can be found in the Privacy Policy.

  2. By creating an Account, the User transfers their personal data to the Administrator. To create an Account and use the Platform it is necessary to provide the following information:

    a)   first name,
    b)   surname,
    c)   e-mail address.

  3. The User may additionally provide the Administrator with other personal data that are not necessary to create an Account and use the Platform, such as:

    a)   date of birth,
    b)   sex,
    c)   country of origin,
    d)   place or residence,
    e)   phone no.,
    f)    profile picture,
    g)   occupation,
    h)   user type,
    i)    purpose of learning,
    j)    native language,
    k)   level of language proficiency.

  4. The User who registered their date of birth on the Account will receive a gift from the Administrator on their birthday.

  5. Due to the nature of the services provided by the Administrator, it is not possible to set up an anonymous Account.

  6. Instead of a profile picture, the User may assign an image to his Account (an avatar) provided that the User has copyright to the image.

  7. When setting up an Account, the User is required to provide their real personal data in the registration form and to update them in the event of a change. The update is possible in the Account settings.

  8. In the event of doubts as to the reliability of data provided by the User, the Administrator reserves the right to request their authentication.

  9. The User may communicate with other Platform Users by inviting them to the Users' group of friends and sending them messages via the internal communication system of the Platform. Expressing consent to be admitted to the group of friends of the User and to invite the User to their own circle of friends causes that the User's name and their profile picture, provided it has been added to the Account, will be available to those Users. If the User uses the TOP10 services or the Message Board their name, picture and number of experience points will be available to all Users. Other personal data of the User will not be made available for this purpose.

  10. If the Administrator obtains information about the User's use of the Platform contrary to the law or these Rules and Regulations, the Administrator may process User's personal data to the extent necessary to determine the User's responsibility, provided that the fact of obtaining and the content of these messages will be recorded for evidence purposes.

  11. The Administrator transfers the User's personal data to the extent necessary for the payment for the purchase of Blueberries Packages to the company: Dotpay S.A. with headquarters in Kraków at ul. Wielicka 72, entered into the National Court Register for the District Court for Kraków - Śródmieście in Kraków, 11th Commercial Department of the National Court Register under KRS number: 0000296790, NIP: 6342661860, REGON: 240770255, share capital: PLN 4,000,000.00 (paid in full).

§ 8 Rights and obligations of the User and the Administrator

  1. The user undertakes:

    a)   not to place unlawful content on the Platform,
    b)   not to undertake any action that may hinder or impede the use of the Platform by other Users,
    c)   to refrain from posting content offensive to other Users on the Platform,
    d)   to refrain from posting on the Platform words commonly regarded as vulgar,
    e)   not to distribute marketing content, pornographic content and other unlawful content via the Platform,
    f)    not to disseminate via the Platform the content not directly related to foreign language learning.

  2. The Administrator is not responsible for the content sent by other Platform Users.

  3. The Administrator reserves his right to terminate the agreement for the provision of services with the User and delete their Account if the User violates the provisions of these Rules and Regulations - having warned the User to cease further violations under the pain of removing their Account.

  4. Each Platform User, in case of noticing unlawful activities of other Users - including those violating the provisions of these Rules and Regulations - is obliged to immediately notify the Administrator of this fact.

  5. The Administrator reserves the right to remove unlawful content provided by Users on the Platform in violation of these Rules and Regulations - especially after obtaining relevant information from other Users.

  6. The User has the option of joining the program of recommending the Platform. The program allows Users to recommend the Platform to their friends in exchange for Blueberries to be used on the Platform. The detailed rules for taking part in the Platform Recommendation Program can be found in the Regulations of JAGO Recommendations.

  7.  The Administrator reserves the right to periodically update the services offered, including modifying the content of the materials, tasks and tests, as well as to remove some elements during the Agreement and modify the services, tools and the way the Platform functions in the future - without exposing the Users to damage.

§ 9 Conclusion of agreements

  1. The User Account Agreement is free of charge and is concluded upon effective completion and acceptance of the registration form by the User. The conclusion of an agreement for running an Account requires the acceptance of the Rules and Regulations and the Privacy Policy. 

  2. The agreement for the provision of services regarding the delivery of the newsletter is concluded with the User's consent. The agreement is concluded for an indefinite period of time and lasts until the User submits a statement on the intention to delete the Account.

  3. The agreement for the provision of paid Educational Materials is concluded upon receiving "Confirmation of order" e-mail by the User confirming the receipt of the order and acceptance for implementation, which takes effect after placing the order and payment for the chosen Blueberries Package by the User. The agreement is concluded for a definite period indicated at the purchase of the chosen Blueberries Package.

  4. The agreements on the Platform are concluded in English or Polish, depending on the language chosen by the User.

§ 10 Payment for the provision of Educational Materials

  1. The User has the option to make payments for the Educational Materials 24 hours/7 days a week/365 days a year, subject to the remaining provisions of the Rules Regulations, in particular the provisions regarding technical breaks.

  2. Access to paid Educational Materials is granted after purchasing a Blueberries package. The Blueberries package enables the User to use any tasks and courses available on the Platform, to the extent determined by the value of the purchased Package.

  3. The Blueberries package is saved in my User's Wallet in the form of points - Blueberries. Access to a given task or course is made by subtracting the specified number of Blueberries indicated at the given task or course from the User's Package or Blueberries Packages.

  4. If the Blueberries number available in My Wallet is lower than that required to access the selected task or course, the missing Blueberries part can be supplemented with a new Blueberries package. The sum of all Blueberries available for use, from one or several Blueberries packages, is stored in My Wallet.

  5. Information about the number of User's Blueberries available can always be checked in their Account in the My Portfolio tab.

  6. The current Blueberries purchase price list can be found at The prices are given in Polish zloty, Euro and USD, and include VAT. Blueberries are sold in packages, the larger the Blueberries package, the better the purchase price per single Blueberries.

  7. Purchase of access to Educational Materials is done by clicking the "Order and pay" button next to the given Blueberries package.

  8. Placing an order will be confirmed with the "Order Confirmation" e-mail containing all the essential elements of the Order, confirmation of the Order acceptance by the Seller and its acceptance for execution. If the order cannot be accepted, the Administrator will inform the User via e-mail.

  9. After purchasing the selected Blueberries package, the Blueberries are registered in My User's Wallet without delay, no later, however, than within 24 hours from concluding the Educational Materials Access Agreement.

  10. The Administrator reserves the right to change the prices of Blueberries Bundles, offering them in promotional campaigns/withdrawing certain packages - however, this will not affect orders placed before the effective date of the Price List changes.

§ 11 Payments

  1. Payment for Blueberries Packages is made via My Wallet using:

    a)   on-line payment made with payment cards,
    b)   online payment via electronic bank transfer from a bank account,
    c)   payment from a bank account,
    d)   cash payment,
    e)   using the SkyCash™ electronic purse,
    f)    using PayPal.

  2. The settlement of transactions by payment card and e-transfer is carried out through the Dotpay S.A. payment agent.

  3. After clicking the "Order and pay" button, the User will be redirected to the Dotpay SA payment Platform, through which - after accepting the Payment Regulations and Dotpay SA cookie policy - the User will be able to purchase the chosen Blueberries Package, through one of the available payment methods. Lack of acceptance of the above provisions of Dotpay SA provisions will make payment impossible.

  4. If the payment method chosen by the User requires a CVC/CVV number of the payment card, the three-digit number should be provided on the back of the card in the signature field.

  5. It is possible to obtain VAT invoices for Blueberries Packages purchased on the Platform - in order to get one, after the purchase, the Administrator must be contacted via the e-mail address:, sending all the necessary data to the invoice. Invoices are issued at the end of each month and may include all the payments made in a given month.

§ 12 Withdrawal from/termination of the agreement

  1. The User who is a Consumer may withdraw from the agreement to access to Educational Materials without providing any reasons, by submitting and sending a relevant statement within 14 days from the date of its conclusion to the Administrator. To meet the deadline, it is enough to send an appropriate statement of resignation before the expiry to the Administrator's contact address or in any other way that will allow the Administrator to learn the User's decision.

  2. In the event of effective withdrawal from the agreement, the payment shall be returned immediately, in a manner analogous to the User's payment method.

  3. The User loses the right to withdraw from the agreement to access the Educational Materials available in the event of starting to use the Blueberries Package purchased in any scope before the deadline for withdrawal from the agreement.

  4. The User makes a voluntary decision to retain or resign from the right to withdraw from the Agreement for the provision of Educational Materials at the time of purchase. In the event of a decision to retain the right of withdrawal, the User will have access to the Educational Materials after 14 days from the conclusion of the agreement.

  5. After the expiration of the period for withdrawal from the agreement for the provision of Educational Materials, it is not possible to exchange all or part of the Blueberries Package into USD/EUR or any other currency - also if during the term of the agreement the User does not use all Blueberries or his Account is deleted.

  6. The User may at any time terminate the agreement for the provision of services in the scope of the newsletter delivery by:

    a)   clicking the deactivation link in the content of every e-mail containing the newsletter,
    b)   sending an e-mail to the Administrator with a request to terminate the Service Provision Agreement within the scope of the newsletter delivery,
    c)   changing settings on the User's Account.

  7. The User may terminate the Account maintenance agreement at any time by reporting to the Administrator a request to delete their Account. With the removal of the Account, information about the acquired experience points, resolved language tasks, messages sent and received in the communicator and places in the TOP10 ranking are removed as well as the messages from the Message Board. In the event of termination of the Agreement, the purchased Blueberries Packages expire and cannot be converted into USD/EUR or any other currency or transferred to another User.

§ 13 Complaints

  1. The User has the option of reporting complaints about the functioning of the Platform, in particular the services provided and the Educational Materials made available.

  2. The Complaint should specify in its content: the User's contact details and the content of the complaint along with justification. In the case of an incomplete complaint, the Administrator will ask the User for additional explanations. Complaints may be submitted via e-mail or in writing to the Administrator's Contact Details.

  3. The response to the complaint will be given no later than within 14 days from the date of receipt of the complaint.

  4. In the event of a positive consideration of the provision of the Educational Materials, the User has the right to require the Administrator to make the Educational Materials available in the correct manner, and if it is not possible, return the Blueberries spent on them.

  5. The Administrator reserves no responsibility for temporary lack of access to the Platform due to maintenance and modernization works lasting up to 12 hours a week.

  6. The Administrator reserves the possibility of temporary unstable operation of the Platform due to its ongoing and continuous improvement.

§ 14 Out-of-court ways to consider complaints and the rules of access to these procedures

  1. Detailed information on the right to use out-of-court complaint handling and redress by he User who is a Consumer and access rules to these procedures are available at the offices and on the websites of district (municipal) consumer ombudsmen, social organizations, whose statutory tasks include consumer protection, Voivodship Inspectorates of the Trade Inspection and the following Internet addresses of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection: 

  2. The User who is a Consumer has the following exemplary possibilities of using extrajudicial means of dealing with complaints and pursuing claims:

    a)   The User is entitled to request a permanent amicable consumer court, referred to in art. 37 of the Act of 15 December 2000 on the Trade Inspection (Journal of Laws of 2001 No. 4 item 25, as amended), with a request to settle the dispute arising from the concluded Sales Agreement. The regulations of the organization and operation of permanent consumer courts of arbitration are specified in the regulation of the Minister of Justice of September 25, 2001 on defining the rules of organization and operation of permanent consumer courts of arbitration. (Dz.U. 2001, no. 113, item 1214);

    b)   The user is entitled to apply to the provincial inspector of Trade Inspection, pursuant to art. 36 of the Act of 15 December 2000 on the Trade Inspection (Dz.U. 2001 No. 4 item 25, as amended), with a request to initiate mediation proceedings regarding the amicable settlement of the dispute between the User and the Administrator. Information on the rules and mode of the mediation procedure conducted by the voivodeship inspectorate of the Trade Inspection is available at the headquarters and on the websites of individual Provincial Inspectorates of the Trade Inspection;

    c)   The User may obtain free assistance in resolving the dispute between the Customer and the Seller, also using the free help of the poviat (municipal) consumer ombudsman or social organization, whose statutory tasks include consumer protection (including the Consumer Federation, Association of Polish Consumers). Advice is provided by the Consumer Federation under the toll-free consumer helpline number 800 007 707 and by the Polish Consumers Association at:

§ 15 Copyrights

  1. Educational Materials available on the Platform are subject to copyright and are protected under the Copyright and Related Rights Act.

  2. The Users may use the Service resources made available to them and made available Educational Materials solely for their own use - it is forbidden to distribute them to third parties, including in particular for commercial purposes, under pain of a contractual penalty in the amount of PLN 10,000.00.

  3. In the event of causing damage exceeding the contractual penalty specified in point 2 above, it is permissible to investigate the supplementary damage based on general legal regulations.

  4. Using the Platform's resources for private tutoring, presentations, conducting classes in educational institutions, etc. - requires each time the prior written consent of the Administrator.

  5. Any infringement of the Administrator's copyrights will be prosecuted both on a civil and criminal basis.

§ 16 Final provisions

  1. The Administrator reserves the right to amend the Regulations for important reasons. In particular, the change of applicable law, the necessity to adjust the content of the Regulations in connection with the decision of the competent authority or court order, change the way of providing services, e.g. by introducing new functions on the Platform, modification of existing functions or withdrawal of existing functions.

  2. The Administrator will inform Users about the change in the Rules and Regulations by e-mail and a message in the Service communicator, at least 14 days in advance.

  3. The amendments to the Rules and Regulations do not infringe on the rights of Users acquired before the amendments to the Rules and Regulations come into force and do not affect the complex, implemented and performed services of the provision of Educational Materials.

  4. The User who does not accept changes in the Regulations has the right to terminate the Account and to deliver the newsletter, within 14 days from informing him about the amended contents of the Regulations, in accordance with point 2 above.

  5. The User who, within 14 days from being informed about the content of the Rules and Regulations in accordance with item 2 above, did not raise objections to the change in the Rules and Regulations, is bound by the provisions of the amended Rules and Regulations.

  6. In matters not covered by these Rules and Regulations, the generally applicable provisions of Polish law shall apply, in particular: the Civil Code; the Act on the provision of electronic services of 18 July 2002. (Journal of Laws of 2002 No. 144, item 1204, as amended), the Act on Consumer Rights of 30 May 2014. (Journal of Laws of 2014, item 827, as amended); and other relevant provisions of generally applicable law.

  7. The law applicable to the resolution of any disputes arising from these Regulations is Polish law.  

Terms and conditions for the electronic provision of services within JAGO e-learning platform and purchases on JAGO platform.pdf


Privacy and cookies policy


JAGO Foreign Language Teaching Center Ltd. processes personal data in accordance with the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (hereinafter referred to as "RODO"). In this Privacy Policy and the Use of Cookies, you will find information about:

  1. the rules for collecting, processing and using Users' personal data on the Platform;
  2. the principles of using cookies;
  3. the security measures applied to personal data.

The terms Service, User, Administrator, Account, Blueberries Package and Blueberries used in this document have the same meaning as indicated in the Regulations for the provision of services. 


1. Administrator of personal data

The administrator of the User's personal data is JAGO Foreign Language Teaching Center Ltd., ul. Bohaterów Westerplatte 11, 65-034 Zielona Góra, NIP number: 9730940499, KRS number: 0000313717, share capital 50.000,00 zł. The administrator is also the owner of the platform

The administrator has not appointed a Data Protection Officer. In all matters related to the protection of personal data, and in order to exercise the rights due to its processing, you can contact the Administrator in writing at ul. Bohaterów Westerplatte 11, 65-034 Zielona Góra or by email at the address 

2. The scope of personal data processed

Personal data collected during the creation and editing of a User's Account

When setting up the Platform User's account, it is required to provide basic information data: first name, last name, e-mail address, login and password to User's account - providing this data is voluntary, but necessary to register the Account and use the Services available on the Platform.

The User may additionally provide other personal data: date of birth, sex, country, town, profile photo, occupation, type of user, learning goal and mother tongue - providing these data is completely voluntary and does not affect the possibility of registering and using the Account.

Personal data collected during the User's activity on the Platform

During the activity on the Platform, data on payments made (Blueberries purchase), number of purchased and used Blueberries, completed language tasks, courses and tests as well as their results and Users added to the group of friends are collected.

If the User is an entrepreneur wishing to receive a VAT invoice for the services purchased, it is required to provide the NIP, REGON number, registered address and bank account number - providing these data is voluntary, but necessary to issue a VAT invoice.

Personal data collected while using the contact form and chat

In the case of contacting the Administrator via the contact form, telephone, e-mail, chat, etc. the user provides their personal data to him, e.g. their name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number, etc. These data are used for contact purposes - preparing an answer to the question.

The Administrator also collects data on the User's activity on the Platform using the so-called logs and cookies. More information on this subject is available in section II "Policy on the use of cookies."

Personal data collected from third parties

In the event of logging into the Account via external entities, i.e. through a Facebook or Google+ profile, the Administrator acquires User's data in the form of ID number, name, surname and email address.

As part of the Platform's command system, the Administrator may receive an email address provided by the User in order to send an invitation to use the Platform. 

3. Purpose and legal basis for the processing of personal data

The Administrator processes personal data based on:

a)     art. 6 par. 1 let. b RODO - in order to conclude or perform the agreement concluded with the User (such as setting up and servicing the Account, making transactions and payments, providing services, including additional services provided with the User's consent, such as the TOP 10 ranking and communication with User's friends, contacting the User for purposes related to the provision of services, including via email address and contact form, purchasing Blueberries);
b)    art. 6 par. 1 let. c RODO - in order to fulfil legal obligations vested on the Administrator (such as the obligation to consider complaints, issue and archive invoices and accounting documents, fulfil tax obligations or ensure the safety of services provided);
c)     art. 6 par. 1 lit. f RODO - for purposes resulting from the legitimate interests of the Administrator (such interests include, among others, compilation, statistics and analyses, pursuing claims under the agreement, determining the User's liability violating the rules of using the Platform, direct marketing, general contact form support, archiving );
d)    art. 6, par. 1, letter a RODO - on the basis of a voluntary consent in order to:
-       transfer marketing information of the Administrator to the e-mail address provided (including the newsletter),
-       transfer marketing information of the Administrator to the telephone number provided,
-       forward marketing information of the Administrator's business partners to the email address provided,
-       organize loyalty programs, competitions and promotional campaigns.

4. Recipients of personal data

The Administrator may transfer Users' personal data to entities providing services on his part, among others IT, marketing, accounting, postal, payment and debt collection services. The processing of data by such entities is carried out on the basis of an agreement concluded with the Administrator and in accordance with its instructions.

The transfer of personal data to third parties for marketing or commercial purposes may take place only with the consent of the User.

The purchase of Blueberries packages by Users takes place through an external payment agent - Dotpay S.A. This company is responsible for collecting and processing User's personal data within the scope covered by the payment - in accordance with the rules of that company, accepted by the User in the event of a transaction.

The administrator does not transfer personal data outside the European Economic Area and to international organizations. In the future, the administrator may decide to transfer data outside the European Economic Area only to the extent permitted by law and using appropriate measures to guarantee data protection.

5. Providing personal data to other Users

The services provided by the Administrator are carried out using the User's Account on the Platform, containing his personal data: name, surname, date of birth, mother tongue, experience points and possibly their profile picture.

By inviting other Users to be friends on the site / by accepting their invitations to a group of friends, the User expresses their consent to disclosing to the other users of the Platform their name, surname and possibly the profile picture. Other personal data will not be shared and visible to third parties.

By agreeing to participate in the TOP10 ranking, the User agrees to provide other Users with their name, surname, experience points and possibly the profile picture.

6. The period of personal data processing

The Administrator processes personal data for the duration of the agreement concluded with the User. After the termination of the agreement, the Administrator processes personal data until the obligation to store data resulting from the law and the limitation of any claims are extinguished.

In the case of processing personal data on the basis of consent, they will be processed until it is withdrawn.

7. Rights due to the processing of personal data

In connection with the processing of personal data, the User has the right to access their data, to request their rectification, removal or limitation of processing, as well as to transfer data.

In particular, the User may freely access, modify, update or completely delete their personal data shown in the User's Account at any time, the deletion of data which is mandatory to open an Account will lead to deleting the Account and ceasing to use the Platform.

If personal data are processed on the basis of consent, the User has the right to withdraw it at any time. The withdrawal of consent does not affect the legality of the processing, which was made on the basis of consent before its withdrawal.

If personal data are processed on the basis of the Administrator's legitimate interest, the User has the right to object to their processing due to their special situation.

Users' personal data is not profiled.

In order to implement the above rights, please contact the Administrator.

In the event that the personal data is processed in violation of data protection regulations, the User has the right to submit a complaint to the supervisory body - the President of the Office of Personal Data Protection.

8. Security of personal data

The administrator ensures the use of security measures - both physical and hardware as well as relevant software, including encryption secured by a security certificate - aimed at protecting the Users' personal data provided against their misuse, disclosure or change. The Administrator does not provide Users' personal data without their consent to unauthorized persons. Entities processing personal data on behalf of the Administrator are obliged to process data in compliance with the above security standards. 

During the payment process, personal data is processed on servers of authorized entities handling this service, which apply appropriate security required by law and guidelines issued by payment card issuers.


1. What are cookies?

The Administrator uses cookies on the site, i.e. small text information stored on the user's end device, which can be read by the Administrator's IT computer system.

2. How do cookies work?

Cookies are created for the purpose of enabling the Platform to function properly - including logging in to the Account on the Platform (the file expires after one year if no logout has occurred) and verification of the pop-up message from the Administrator displayed by the User (file expires after one day).

Using these files will not cause any configuration changes in the User's end device and the software used by them.

The user has the option to disable the use of cookies in the web browser he uses at any time - this will, however, cause the Platform to work improperly (it will impossible to log in to their account). In order to delete cookies, please follow the instructions of the browser you use. 

3. What other personal data does the Administrator collect?

The administrator, like most other websites, stores HTTP queries directed to the server (the so-called logs). They include the public IP address of the entity entering a specific page, the exact date of entry and information about the version of the operating system and the web browser. The logs prevent does not enable associating information with specific persons.

The logs are collected only for diagnostic purposes and are related to the security of the Platform. They are removed automatically after 12 months.

The Administrator does not use other technical solutions, constituting a form of interference in the User's equipment/software - including those in the form of plug-ins/additions to the Internet browser.


The Administrator reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time, without harm to the user - any changes will be immediately notified to the user.

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